Daily Graces 2023; #740

The garden is beginning to awaken. Happy first day of spring! Plant pictured is lungwort. It comes in these lovely shades of pink and also in blues. The blues aren’t quite blooming yet. But these and the Daphne (heavenly scent!) and some of the daffodils are signs that spring is here.
Although the puddles will still be here for a while yet.

Daily Graces 2023. #728

I read this poem this morning and wanted to share it. Rosemerry writes wonderful poetry. Titled, “Ambition” by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. Graphics from Gracie Tracy.

I am so far from the woman
I want to be, so far
from humility and simplicity.
I dream of clearing
not only the shelves,
not only the closets,
but also the cluttered inner rooms
that crowd out the divine.
Every day I search for ways
to best meet the day—
with poems, beautiful meals,
with songs, with praise—
so many ways to be radiant,
but I suspect all the day wants
is for me to meet it
and all that comes into my path
with kindness, with spaciousness.
In my effort to be good, to be whole,
I make it so difficult, this life.
The day doesn’t seem to hold
my exuberance against me.
It shows up as always,
generous as a new tomorrow,
quiet as dawn.

Daily Graces Return #704

Two years ago we landed in Eugene Oregon, our second state after leaving California. Moving in the height of the Covid pandemic made for a slow transition. We are getting more acclimated to the area. Establishing a garden as one of our first ways of making this home our own has been a big help.