Daily Graces Return #65 and #66

DG Return #65 copyDG Return #66 copy

Although I have felt the first sentiments many times since last October 8, I felt it was a bit too depressing to leave on its own as a post so added the next one as well. It is important to acknowledge negative feelings rather than squelching them, and one of my pet peeves is to be told to “think positive.” That just annoys rather than inspires one to “feel better.”


Daily Graces Return #62

DG Return #62 copy

A book I recently started reading inspired this Daily Graces piece. Entitled La La Lovely (The Art of Finding Beauty in the Everyday) by Trina McNeilly. I have been marking many quotes and I am only a few chapters into the book. I love books that have lots of meaningful sentences and phrases. I will probably be featuring several of these in the upcoming Daily Graces pieces.

I am still struggling to adjust to Colorado. Unfortunately the weather and drought conditions make for many fires and unsettling conditions. Having lost all to fire just months ago makes me feel anxious and in a state of danger more times than not. That is why I am enjoying this new book so much- I need the encouragement and the distraction.

Daily Graces Return #61

DG Return #61 copy

As I await the last delivery of furniture for our Colorado home, I am working on a few Daily Graces. This is actually one ahead number wise. Will post #60 later. Eight months after losing our CA home to fire, we will finally have every room furnished- one of which is my new studio- yahoo! The quote is by Jacques Cousteau.