Daily Graces Return #65 and #66

DG Return #65 copyDG Return #66 copy

Although I have felt the first sentiments many times since last October 8, I felt it was a bit too depressing to leave on its own as a post so added the next one as well. It is important to acknowledge negative feelings rather than squelching them, and one of my pet peeves is to be told to “think positive.” That just annoys rather than inspires one to “feel better.”


Daily Graces Return #42

DG Return #42 copy

Spent a blustery birthday yesterday listening to winds howl and hearing about multiple wildfires erupting in towns around us. For those who know we lost our home in CA to wildfire last October, this made for a harrowing birthday. Was at least able to enjoy a nice dinner out with family. So today’s message has to do with hope because without it I would not be able to cope with all of the events of the past six months.