Daily Graces 2023 #743

A painterly look at a few fun birthday additions to the garden. The fairy sculpture, a reading cherub (seated on the pond ledge) and a little bird on the table have joined our garden. The fairy will move to another location once the rains have tapered off. The daffodils have been bringing color and joy for a few weeks now and the tulips are starting to open. Love spring bulbs! The sculpture and cement pieces were found at the Little Red Farm in Springfield, OR. A delightful nursery!

Daily Graces 2023; #740

The garden is beginning to awaken. Happy first day of spring! Plant pictured is lungwort. It comes in these lovely shades of pink and also in blues. The blues aren’t quite blooming yet. But these and the Daphne (heavenly scent!) and some of the daffodils are signs that spring is here.
Although the puddles will still be here for a while yet.