Fun with a Dip Pen!

My Version of Lesson 19 copy.jpg

Life Book Lesson 19 with Wyanne Thompson highlights a technique I had never tried before. Using a dip pen and ink, of which I was delighted to use my grandparents vintage tools, you trace a design with a dip pen and ink onto tracing paper and then “transfer” it to your substrate. Apparently it is an Andy Warhol technique. In my case I used Arches hot press watercolor paper for the substrate. The pressing of the tracing paper onto the substrate gives you great blotches and lines. Meant to be quirky, this technique made the face I drew have a wabi-sabi look. (perfectly imperfect). My stash of washi tape came into play as well as watercolor paint and a resist pastel crayon. I did discover that you need to have your washi tape fit into the spaces (I redrew some lines since my tape was mostly narrow in width). It also took a light box for me to even faintly see the ink lines so as to cut or trace the shape onto the tape. Will definitely do this technique again!

Life Book 2014 Week 12 Lesson from Finnabair

I enjoyed this week’s lesson so much I decided to create a second piece so that I could actually add it to my Life Book. My first piece was done on canvas, this one I created on 300 pound watercolor paper. I love the textural build-up of the many elements in this technique. I used a vintage image from my digital stash; I liked this woman’s expression. With the month’s theme of Connections, I felt she could represent the connection of women through the ages.

A Life Moment Captured…



Beginning phase and finished phase of my Life Book Week 12 project. I chose to use an old photo of my daughter Ami with her cousin Caty (who recently passed away). This life moment was captured at my sister-in-law Pam’s wedding. Our theme for this month is “connections” and so I thought this photo was appropriate. Plus, it is an adorable photo of the two of them!

Life Book Week 8

Week-8-Intuitive-Soul-Painting-copy Almost caught up with the lessons; still need to do week #7. This painting was to be done intuitively letting your soul come through the piece. While in earthly form, our souls are in our bodies, so I cut a stencil of a female figure. I added hair in a similar style to my own so she wouldn’t look like a man since she was wearing pants. I do have some of the art papers in a cross form at the top right, since being a Christian is what enlivens my soul with the Holy Spirit. The figure is in stride which relates to life being a journey. We were supposed to paint without really thinking about it too much, so, that is what I did. I did use repeating shapes and design motifs to give the piece some sort of harmony and movement. This was bit out of the box for me but I would try this style again just to see what develops.