Texture Tuesday “Yellow”

Here is a shot I took last month in Seattle in the Chihuly garden. A friend said that this piece looks like a Chihuly self-portrait since he has a wild mass of curly hair. I thought it would be good for this week’s “yellow” theme for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. I used kk_july-1 for the texture layer, at 15% opacity and a blend mode of Color Dodge.

This lovely display shows how Dale Chihuly was inspired by Indian basket designs to create glass pieces reflecting not only their intricate patterns, but also even the slump that the baskets got with age. There are beautiful threads of glass incorporated into some of these pieces that are so beautifully delicate. He truly is a master as were the original basket makers.

Simply Chihuly…

A lovely trio of Chihuly glass pieces. This photo was taken in Seattle, WA, at the beautiful Chihuly exhibit. I’ll post more photos of these lovely pieces soon. Thanks again for the lovely day, Mary Beth!!
For Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, I used kk_simplistic at 21% opacity and a blend mode of Color Burn.
You should have seen the look on the mom’s face when her little boy thought these pedestals were a fun place to climb into!