Daily Graces Return #675

I am doing the Abstract Portraits 2022 online class and for the first warm up lesson I decided to import a photo of the original canvas painting into Photoshop and add a variety of Filter Forge filters to it just for fun. The original image is in the center.

Playing with Percolator App

Percolator 2.6.1 (2613) Grind: Extra Fine (Average Circles & Effect: Auto Adjust), Brew: Treble (3/4 Pic & Darkest Blended Circles), Serve: Stirred (Vignette Tone & Paper Cup Texture). I just got this app for a course on slow shutter iPhoneography and used a recent painting I made to see what kind of result it could produce. I liked this first combination so decided to share it here.

Daily Graces Return #400!

The art is one of my collage paintings that I added some filters to for this piece. I also added a few Design Cuts watercolor flowers. Counting the Daily Graces pieces I have made from before the fire to after, I have made over 750 of these. Today I celebrate #400 of the after-fire pieces.