Daily Graces Return #500

Hard to believe that 500 Daily Graces have appeared since the Tubbs fire wiped out everything in 2017. That makes over 850 Daily Graces pieces created since this journey began in 2016. I chose this image of wisteria as seen on our neighborhood walk. It is being trained along a garden wall and I loved the effect of the shadows. We had an amazing wisteria arbor in California so this image brings that to mind. I love how flowering trees, shrubs and plants thrive here in Eugene. Every day is a balm to my spirit as I see what is starting to bloom in my newly refurbished gardens and on our daily walk.

Daily Graces Return #400!

The art is one of my collage paintings that I added some filters to for this piece. I also added a few Design Cuts watercolor flowers. Counting the Daily Graces pieces I have made from before the fire to after, I have made over 750 of these. Today I celebrate #400 of the after-fire pieces.