Snippets of a Life…

My name is Sherre Hulbert, and I am an artist/author/photographer/gardener/crafter and more. A recent transplant to Oregon after trying to live near my grand babies in Colorado for a couple of years, but the erratic weather and high altitude were not a good fit for my husband or myself. Our daughter was moving from California to Oregon, so we joined her there. Most of my life I lived in California, for the most part in Sonoma County. Unfortunately, in October of 2017, the Tubbs wildfire destroyed our home and all of our physical belongings accumulated through 41 years of marriage and also all inherited items from previous generations. As a collector of vintage books, art supplies and my own created art, vintage lace, and many other things, it has been hard adjusting to having lost them all. My art has been a saving grace in my recovery from the trauma of fire and my faith hangs on as my newly retired husband and I adjust now to our third state after thinking we would always live in Santa Rosa, CA.

My studio in Oregon is a bonus room. Although nothing like my dream studio that burned up in 2017, at least it is somewhere I can paint and not have to put things away when done for the day. The small office I also have in Oregon is my spot for creating the Daily Graces pieces.

As I get older, I like seeing how my different art paths often intersect and diverge. My online presence began in Yahoo art groups where I bravely (for me!) began posting and participating. I ran the Arttechniques Yahoo Mixed Media group for about 10 years (this group was begun by Belinda Spiwak).  I am part of the AWAKE Photo-Artistry group where my digital work has been published in several of the AWAKE  magazines.
I also enjoy “hands on” art. I have won awards at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair and also had my work shown at one of the local wineries.  For fun and to continue to stretch I have found many enjoyable online art classes such as Lifebook; Kate Thompson; Kara Bullock’s Let’s Face It; Paint Your Heart and Soul, classes on the Jeanne Oliver network and also on Ivy Newport’s network. I most love to paint portraits. I had a great-aunt who did delicate watercolors of women in a Gibson Girl style. I love how the circle of life continues through the generations!

In 2016 I began creating digital pieces that I call “Daily Graces.” Each piece highlights a quote; from Scripture, poetry, music or books. So many places to find inspiring words. After the fire it took me a while to get my digital content back to create more of these pieces but thanks to Gracie Tracie at E-scape and Scrap, Linda Sattgast at Scrapper’s Guide, Cottage Arts, Hollie Haradon at Mischief Circus, and Design Cuts, I have been able to once again have lots of content with which to create Daily Graces.

In 2019 I began the journey of becoming a certified teacher of the Intentional Creativity method in the Color of Woman intensive course. This has been a path of self-discovery and healing which I hope to be able to use to encourage others. Through the Color of Woman training I have participated in two gallery shows featuring my Muse and Talisman paintings. I am excited to use this training to encourage others to get in touch with their creativity and experience the joy of making art.

Join me as I continue on this lifelong passion- exploring my visual voice, and I hope it inspires you to go outside and enjoy the beauties of where you live, and to find beauty no matter where you end up.

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