Snippets of a Life…

My name is Sherre Hulbert, and I am an artist/author/photographer/gardener/crafter and more. I love playing with Photoshop and Lightroom and I love to take photos right in my backyard. Living in Santa Rosa, in the midst of Sonoma County’s beautiful wine country is a daily feast of the senses. Being a Christian, I see God’s hand in the beauties that surround me and hope to reflect that in my work.
As I get older, I like seeing how my different art paths often intersect and diverge. My online presence began in Yahoo art groups where I bravely (for me!) began posting and participating. I ran the Arttechniques Yahoo Mixed Media group for about 10 years (this group was begun by Belinda Spiwak).  I am currently in the AWAKE Photo-Artistry course where my work has been published in several of the AWAKE  magazines. Having an affinity for textured vintage pieces, I naturally became interested in Kim Klassen’s photography classes where I have been able to incorporate more of my own photos with texture. I also enjoy finding old photos in antique stores and giving them new life with Photoshop.
I also enjoy “hands on” art. I have won awards at our local Harvest Fair and also had my work shown at one of the local wineries.  For fun and to continue to stretch I have found many enjoyable online art classes such as Lifebook; Kate Thompson; Let’s Face It; Paint Your Heart and Soul, and many others. I most love to paint portraits. I had a great-aunt who did delicate watercolors of women in a Gibson Girl style. I love how the circle of life continues through the generations!

In 2016 I began creating digital pieces that I call “Daily Graces.” Each piece highlights a quote; from Scripture, poetry, music or books. So many places to find inspiring words!

Join me as I continue on this lifelong passion- exploring my visual voice, and I hope it inspires you to go outside and enjoy the beauties of where you live!

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