Memories of Love…

Had a wonderful day taking photos with photographer and friend Sherri Reed. We set up all kinds of vignettes and took the photos outside in my backyard. This piece is nostalgic for me because it contains a few items from my Mom. I used some textures from Design Cuts; Flyerphotooverlays5canvas, texture #21; and 2LO Distressed 11. I adjusted the opacity and blend mode on each texture used. The border is from onOne- Emulsion Transfer 2. Creating vignettes in my home and also specifically for a photo shoot are such a joy to create. A perfect day with a like-minded friend!

Memories of Summer

The Roses of SummerAs I was putting away books I had gotten out a while ago, I took another look at some of the pages I had marked in Deborah Schenck’s Fern House. This is my take on her photos of flowers laying on open books. I used some dried roses from the summer and a vintage dictionary. The lace is from a runner that belonged to my husband’s grandparents; made for a nice vintage touch to the background. This shot was taken indoors; I used a gold reflector to the side and had a diffuser on my external flash that I aimed at the reflector. I used a kk_daysofold Lightroom preset; added a kk_canvasgrunge texture, and a Photoshop Artistry Grunge Edge Effect.