I Do Hope…

I-Do-Hope-copyI love this verse from the book of Psalms. It lightens and strengthens my heart. May it cheer up your heart today!
I used Kim’s kk_franklin in two different layers, adding a hue/saturation adjustment to each and also switching the layers to a Soft Light Blend Mode. In between I added a Filter Forge 4 “Soft-focus Amplify” filter. For Kim’s Texture Tuesday. http://www.kimklassen.com


I used two of Kim’s textures, one was “empty page”, the other I have named kk1; I think it’s name got removed when moving files around one time. I also used two of Kim’s Lightroom Presets- Classic Warm 2, and Days of Old. I also added a couple of RadLab filters as well. I am enjoying shooting very simple layouts; I used a scarf I own plus a wheelbarrow that has a found bird nest and a ceramic bird. Effortless composition!

the STILL life…

Roses-in-Pitcher2-the-STILL-life-copy A friend and I had a lovely day photographing different still life vignettes last week. I am starting Kim Klassen’s BeStill52 Photography class this week and thought this photo said what I am working toward. A STILL life wherein I am trusting Christ to work in me His own character.

Memories of Summer

The Roses of SummerAs I was putting away books I had gotten out a while ago, I took another look at some of the pages I had marked in Deborah Schenck’s Fern House. This is my take on her photos of flowers laying on open books. I used some dried roses from the summer and a vintage dictionary. The lace is from a runner that belonged to my husband’s grandparents; made for a nice vintage touch to the background. This shot was taken indoors; I used a gold reflector to the side and had a diffuser on my external flash that I aimed at the reflector. I used a kk_daysofold Lightroom preset; added a kk_canvasgrunge texture, and a Photoshop Artistry Grunge Edge Effect.

Photoshop Artistry Challenge

PA-Challenge-1-Sample-2-copyThis is my entry for the first challenge for Photoshop Artistry. I used a photo from my garden and one I set up in my studio. For the challenge we were to use one to two of our own images; a Film Edge Effect, and two of Kim Klassen’s textures. We were then to paint with colored light, a technique taught in the class. I chose to bring out some of the rust tones and turquoise from the oxidized copper heart. I added a bit of those colors to the edge using the same effect. although the roses image that is overlaid on top on the main image isn’t technically a landscape, it was taken outdoors in my yard.  Check out the class at www.photoshopgrunge.com.

Oops! Forgot to use the vector image as stated in the challenge… will have to redo….

Oak Tree Series #3

I have enjoyed looking at Kat Sloma’s tree images and have been shooting the oak tree that hangs into my backyard at different times of the day. This was taken this morning; I added a Lightroom preset from Totally Rad, and filters from Tiffen dfx and also from onOne Perfect Effects.