Couleurs et Lumiere

Couleurs et Lumiere

The vintage postcard that became the main image for this design was titled, “Couleurs et Lumiere.” I thoroughly enjoyed taking this image and re-creating it in an Anna Aspne-inspired composition. I can’t decide if I enjoy creating the multi-layered backgrounds to use underneath the main images and elementsĀ or the “putting it all together” phase of the process.

Memories of Love…

Had a wonderful day taking photos with photographer and friend Sherri Reed. We set up all kinds of vignettes and took the photos outside in my backyard. This piece is nostalgic for me because it contains a few items from my Mom. I used some textures from Design Cuts; Flyerphotooverlays5canvas, texture #21; and 2LO Distressed 11. I adjusted the opacity and blend mode on each texture used. The border is from onOne- Emulsion Transfer 2. Creating vignettes in my home and also specifically for a photo shoot are such a joy to create. A perfect day with a like-minded friend!

Freebie Vintage Paper Kit

Contemplation-copyI have a small freebie vintage paper kit that I put together for Design Cuts; They have some of the best deals for graphics designers, digital artists, for anyone who loves to create digitally! Here is the link for the freebies: I created the above piece using several of the freebies from my small kit along with some of Design Cuts Vintage Bundle textures; I also used a image (female face).