A Life Moment Captured…



Beginning phase and finished phase of my Life Book Week 12 project. I chose to use an old photo of my daughter Ami with her cousin Caty (who recently passed away). This life moment was captured at my sister-in-law Pam’s wedding. Our theme for this month is “connections” and so I thought this photo was appropriate. Plus, it is an adorable photo of the two of them!

Paint Over Collage

Paint-Over-collage-Interweave-Lesson-copy I used an Interweave Paint Over Collage Art Lesson for the basics for this piece. It was great fun to create! Really enjoyed using the Stabilo Black pencil for drawing the face and then using a brush dipped in water over the drawn lines. I like how the whole piece is created serendipitously; the underpainting, the collaging, the face; nothing is planned ahead, you just do it. I like the freedom this brings.