Daily Graces Return #367

There is so much sadness with all of the destructive fires around that I wanted to create a piece that was more lighthearted and a reminder of better times. Creativity can lift our spirits even on the darkest days. Thankful for the musicians, poets, artists and dancers of the world!

Daily Graces Return #300

DG Return #300 copy

Before the Tubbs fire destroyed my home and everything I owned, I had been just a few days short of creating a Daily Graces piece for a year. It took me a bit to get back to where I could create these again (which is why they are called Daily Graces Return). But I have now reached #300 and felt grace a fitting theme for the day. The quote is from the hymn Amazing Grace.

Daily Graces Return #287


DG Return #287 copy

I am reading “Upstairs at the White House- My Life with the First Ladies” by J.B. West, Chief Usher. This song was mentioned when he was talking about the Eisenhower administration. It referred to the end of war. I felt the lyrics were fitting for our war against the coronavirus.


Daily Graces Return #201

DG Return #201 copy

This Carol has an interesting background. The lyrics were written as a poem by a young man who was suffering from tuberculosis during a harshly cold winter in the early 1930s. He was inspired by his memories of playing as a child in the snow and dreaming of becoming healthy once again in order to enjoy the winter. He showed the poem to a musician friend who wrote the music for it. However, the young man, named Richard Smith, died one year later at the age of 34 and never saw how popular this Christmas Carol would become.