Skin Tones…

WIP Skin Tones.jpg

I began this portrait to work on skin tones using a different color combo; yellow ocher, burnt sienna, and raw umber. The bright reds are a combo of Naphthol Red Light and Red Oxide. My inspiration image came from Pinterest, although the model has red hair on the original photo. Kara Strachan Bullock of “Let’s Face It” fame posted this to her page to advertise the year-long portrait class “Let’s Face It”, which was a real blessing and encouragement!  My second year of Kara’s course and it has been great; I feel I have learned a lot. Some of the year-long classes have some offerings that don’t resonate, but I am glad to say that almost all of Kara’s weekly offerings and assortment of teachers has been wonderful!

Color Me Happy!

Color Me Happy copy.jpg

Loved creating this piece for a “Color Me Happy” Let’s Face It lesson. I used a Pinterest image for my inspiration. I am also “Colored Happy” because we passed the final city inspection for my studio addition today. Happy dance!

Inspired by Amber…

Amber Inspired

This portrait was inspired by lesson #14 by Muriel Stegers in the Let’s Face It class. Although it deviates quite a bit from the lesson, it definitely got its beginnings there. I worked with a different palette for the flesh tones, influenced in part by Muriel’s color choices. My portraits usually have a wistful appearance which for me expresses the sadness I feel over recent family losses, the tragedies occurring almost daily across the world, and the seemingly insurmountable hatred that people have for each other. There is a yearning in her expression for peace.

Let’s Face It Week 12


I really enjoyed this week’s lesson although I definitely did my own take on it. I used an image from Pinterest for my inspiration and attached a painted and patterned ledger page for the background for the face. The numbers barely visible are in my Dad’s handwriting; this was a ledger page of his and I love using bits of my deceased relatives’ handwriting in my compositions. Keeps their handwriting alive for me. I loved the intense look on the model’s face which was a new expression for me to paint. My faces usually have an introspective/melancholy aspect rather than too smiley, so I enjoyed the process of painting this expression. I used acrylic paint, black Stabilo and Conte crayons for this portrait.  Besides ledger paper in the background I also used stencils with molding paste and a doily along with paint.