Book Inscription Series #3

Minnie D Irons.jpg

Book Inscription Series #3; “Minnie D. Irons from Aunt Susan 1865.” Inside Tennyson’s poem “Enoch Arden.” I love that the book cover has this saying on it- “Cast All Your Cares on God; That Anchor Holds.” Creating these as I go through my books and pull out the inscriptions that speak to me. Looking forward to some of the more lengthy ones; part of the fun is perusing the shelves. I am loving the $1.00 digital mega kits on sale at; GT Designs. This image was part of a kit called “Emily’s Locket.” Not a “Minnie” but she fits the theme. I thought she looked like a romantic girl who would appreciate a gift of poetry.

More Painting Fun…

Mine Finished copy.jpg

Inspired by a lesson by Kara Strachan Bullock’s Let’s face It class from 2016. Finally got a chance to complete this so I can tackle 2017’s lessons. The writing on the left in both black and white is Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty.”  A few words of my own on the right with my signture.