Fun with a Dip Pen!

My Version of Lesson 19 copy.jpg

Life Book Lesson 19 with Wyanne Thompson highlights a technique I had never tried before. Using a dip pen and ink, of which I was delighted to use my grandparents vintage tools, you trace a design with a dip pen and ink onto tracing paper and then “transfer” it to your substrate. Apparently it is an Andy Warhol technique. In my case I used Arches hot press watercolor paper for the substrate. The pressing of the tracing paper onto the substrate gives you great blotches and lines. Meant to be quirky, this technique made the face I drew have a wabi-sabi look. (perfectly imperfect). My stash of washi tape came into play as well as watercolor paint and a resist pastel crayon. I did discover that you need to have your washi tape fit into the spaces (I redrew some lines since my tape was mostly narrow in width). It also took a light box for me to even faintly see the ink lines so as to cut or trace the shape onto the tape. Will definitely do this technique again!

Mixing Media


One of my altered books that I photographed and then brought into Photoshop. I love the┬átext this image captured and although you can’t really read it in this shot, inside of the frame on the right it says, “make art today.” I make time to create art each day whether digitally or hands-on or a combo of the two. I love the creative process and how ideas come and go. La Dolce Vita is an art-filled one!

Lost Childhood


I began this piece with a hand painted collage which led to some serious thinking on how so many children in today’s world have to grow up so quickly, thus losing their childhood so to speak. I love how during the creative process what starts out as a lighthearted piece can become fraught with hidden meaning.

Digitally Fractured

Fractured-Angel-Digital-Play2-copy I wanted to play around with my first Fractured angel painting in Photoshop. I had fun adding some textures and design elements using Design Cuts new Vintage Pack, I also used a Gelli Plate painting for an overlay over the original painting. It doubles the pleasure of painting when you can then transform them digitally as well. If everyone in the world painted or did something creative, there would be less strife and tragedy.
I have a great idea- why not make warring leaders sit and paint each other’s portraits? Perhaps they would come to better understandings by taking the time to do this. :)

Musings of the Mind

Musings-of-the-Mind-copy Now that the flu is receding I have been able to work again in my studio. I entitled this painting “Musing of the Mind.” Once I painted the canvas, I scanned it into my computer and then played around with it in Photoshop. Love mixing hands-on with digital!