Paint, Pastel, Play!

Pastel and Paint Finished.jpg

My week #9 rendition of Juna Biagioni’s bonus lesson. I could spend more time on her but have decided to call her done. I enjoyed the process of working with acrylics, pastel pencils and oil pastels along with a black Stabilo pencil. Created on Arches cold press watercolor paper.

Love Drawing Faces…

Face-in-Contrast Graphite-Front-Facing-Portrait-copy

Drew this face for lesson one of Fabulous Faces and then scanned the image and played around in Photoshop using colorful elements from Janine van Holthe for the AWAKE class. My 99 1/2 y/o Mom is declining and my hubby’s parents are also going through age/health issues so art time is a blessing!