Daily Graces Return #50

Daily Graces Return #50 copy

For those of you new to my blog, these Daily Graces began over a year and a half ago. I started creating a digital montage with a quote or scripture verse or an encouraging phrase. I had just about gotten to the one year point when the northern CA Tubbs fore destroyed my home. All that was left was ashes and my husband, dog, myself, and one car were all we had time to save. Everything material was gone. It took me a while to re-collect all of my digital images and several companies let me download even more than I had originally bought out of the kindness of their hearts. So that is why these pieces are called Daily Graces Return. Like a phoenix, creativity can once again rise out of the ashes. If you are considering adding creativity to your life, go for it; it can bring peace and calm, and help relieve the stresses of everyday life.

Book Inscription Series #3

Minnie D Irons.jpg

Book Inscription Series #3; “Minnie D. Irons from Aunt Susan 1865.” Inside Tennyson’s poem “Enoch Arden.” I love that the book cover has this saying on it- “Cast All Your Cares on God; That Anchor Holds.” Creating these as I go through my books and pull out the inscriptions that speak to me. Looking forward to some of the more lengthy ones; part of the fun is perusing the shelves. I am loving the $1.00 digital mega kits on sale at E-scapeandscrap.net; GT Designs. This image was part of a kit called “Emily’s Locket.” Not a “Minnie” but she fits the theme. I thought she looked like a romantic girl who would appreciate a gift of poetry.

In Memory of Millie

Millie copy.jpg

#2 in the Book Inscription series. This inscription was in a 1932 Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. I thought it an odd book for this inscription and felt it warranted an image from an earlier time period; an image that had a bit of gravity and seriousness. Certainly a frivolous person wouldn’t want to be remembered by this particular book! I would love to know the story behind this choice.

Inscription #1- Laura Denton

Laura Denton copy.jpg

I have started a new digital series inspired by book inscriptions found in my vintage book collection. This first one was inspired by an inscription found in an 1894 copy of Washington Irving’s Sketchbook. I went with a later image (found on Pinterest) for this collage. I have also been inspired by some great digital graphics kits by GT Designs.