Week 6- Let’s Face It- SOLD!!!

Colorful copy.jpg

Have been so busy with sketching practice for an upcoming trip that I have been neglecting my Let’s Face It class lessons. This is my version of week 6’s lesson with Karine Bosse. I struggled with her going from watercolor to acrylic to oil pastels and back to acrylic and watercolor (I know, you aren’t supposed to put water-based paint over oils, but this is just a practice piece on Yes! Board). She decided to become quite colorful and messy but when I got to this point I decided and so did she that she was done. Now to find time for a couple of the other painting classes I am also doing along with photography classes…

2 thoughts on “Week 6- Let’s Face It- SOLD!!!

  1. You sound like me. Painting is still new to me so I’m still on Petra’s lesson. A bit frustrating because I don’t have worn out brushes. I love your girl.

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