Imperfect Girl Finished copy.jpg

Week 4 of Let’s Face It had a lesson from Petra Stein called Imperfect Girls. She uses a dry brush blending technique for her faces. I liked adding some oil pastel on top of the acrylic paint layers. I see that I could add some shadowing to the neckline of the dress… imperfect she is!


Colorful Portrait 2 with Watercolor Filter

I am taking Kara Bullock’s Let’s face It online painting class and for week 2 we were to use color in a different way or palette than our usual. I was inspired by a photograph on Pinterest and began using acrylic paints and then switched to some new Sennelier oil pastels that I hadn’t tried out yet. After taking a phot of the piece with my iPhone I thought it looked a bit harsh so ran it through Topaz Impression using a watercolor filter. I like the softened effect. It is such a blast to try a new way of producing a portrait. First use of oil pastels in creating a portrait and I really liked the messy fun of it all!