My Mom passed away in early November. Although it wasn’t unexpected and she lived a very long and blessed life, I have found that my creativity has been at an ebb. I am slowly getting back to my painting and digital art, and am hoping to add a studio to my home next year which will greatly increase the space I am currently using as my studio. Grief affects everyone in a unique way, and I have been surprised at how much my creativity has languished during this past month. To all who have lost loved ones and some of their creative mojo, time will help stir up the creative juices once again. For artists, creative expression is such an important part of their make-up that it is missed when set aside. My Mom always encouraged my art and for that I am grateful. She will be missed.Elizabeth Oval Photo

2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. This is the most adorable photo! I understand about grief and lack of creativity. Embrace this time of rest.

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