Love Drawing Faces…

Face-in-Contrast Graphite-Front-Facing-Portrait-copy

Drew this face for lesson one of Fabulous Faces and then scanned the image and played around in Photoshop using colorful elements from Janine van Holthe for the AWAKE class. My 99 1/2 y/o Mom is declining and my hubby’s parents are also going through age/health issues so art time is a blessing!

Today’s Creations…

Let's-Play-Version2-copy Magic

Today’s creations; I find it interesting that I enjoy creating in different styles. Some say true artists have “signature styles” in that you always know that they created the work of art.  I find that I love variety and get bored with repetition. What do you think?

Mixing Media


One of my altered books that I photographed and then brought into Photoshop. I love the text this image captured and although you can’t really read it in this shot, inside of the frame on the right it says, “make art today.” I make time to create art each day whether digitally or hands-on or a combo of the two. I love the creative process and how ideas come and go. La Dolce Vita is an art-filled one!