Studying Under the Masters 3- Horace Pippin


First week’s lesson with Jeanne Oliver for Studying Under the Masters 3. Jeanne had us create a hand-painted pattern paper torn collage inspired by Horace Pippin’s painting “The Warped Table.” I improvised a bit on the fruit and rose placement. I created my collage on a small 4 x 6 canvas panel. I then scanned the image and moved it into Photoshop CC where I added one of Horace’s quotes from the class and some other textural elements.

The Path of Life…


This is part of the verse prompt for His Kingdom Come’s Take Me Deeper group. I took the photo a few weeks go at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg, CA. I changed the coloration to more muted fall tones rather than the more uniform bright spring greens. It added a bit more dimension to the photo. I used several texture overlays and a Topaz Impression filter.