Life Book Week 8

Week-8-Intuitive-Soul-Painting-copy Almost caught up with the lessons; still need to do week #7. This painting was to be done intuitively letting your soul come through the piece. While in earthly form, our souls are in our bodies, so I cut a stencil of a female figure. I added hair in a similar style to my own so she wouldn’t look like a man since she was wearing pants. I do have some of the art papers in a cross form at the top right, since being a Christian is what enlivens my soul with the Holy Spirit. The figure is in stride which relates to life being a journey. We were supposed to paint without really thinking about it too much, so, that is what I did. I did use repeating shapes and design motifs to give the piece some sort of harmony and movement. This was bit out of the box for me but I would try this style again just to see what develops.

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