2B Scavenger Hunt


I knew exactly which bench photo I had to share for the 2B scavenger hunt. This is an art piece at the outdoor gallery at Paradise Ridge Winery. Doesn’t look comfy, but it definitely makes a statement! I’ll work on more of the hunt later!

INSPIRE Imagination…Texture Tuesday

INSPIRE Imagination
I decided to combine my Tuesday Texture image with a montage I am working on for the Photoshop Artistry Grunge online class. The images are from photoXpress.com; the textures are from Kim (of course!). This montage has a lot of layers and usage of blend modes, layer masks, a lighting effects filter and much experimenting! The text bubble is from a freebie brush set that Kim mentioned either on her blog or in one of her classes. I don’t know if I like the imagination text bubble or not; I am going to mull this one over for a while.
Besides taking my own photographs, I love to play with stock images when I am looking for specific images that I don’t take myself. PhotoXpress.com has a pretty reasonable monthly rate (at least it did when I first signed up- think they have changed how they do it now).
I hope this piece inspires YOUR imagination!
I revised the image a bit…

Friday Find in Mendocino, CA

A trip to the funky little town of Mendocino, CA, on the north coast is always such a delight for me as a photographer. I can always find new povs, even of shots taken many times in the past. My husband and I did a quick day trip yesterday stopping along the way at two of our favorite wineries; Navarro Vineyards and Goldeneye.