Reflection of Me

Don’t know if any of you struggle with taking self-portraits as I do. This week’s challenge “In My Backyard” for Arttechniquesdigital Yahoo group gave me an opportunity to capture my reflection in a piece of garden art. The piece is a cross, which is my salvation; it reflects part of my garden, which I love to spend time in, and me taking a picture- another passion. So, a true reflection of who I am.

Rustic Simplicity…

This week’s challenge at Arttechniquesdigital is “In My Own Backyard.” I took some photos yesterday, one of which is this old watering can. My husband likes to place old tools and other rustic things around the yard. Finding beauty in the commonplace…

Friday Find…

Friday Find
Friday Find

When I make my bed, my pup Pismo loves to “hide” while I make it. He is always sticking halfway out, so of course I have to tickle his toes! His tail wags and wags- he is a happy pup! Not too stealthy though… this photo with my iphone is this week’s Friday “find.”