Finding Joy…

I have been so blessed, encouraged and challenged by Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. I have been creating my own list, and it is amazing how life’s challenges can be faced more calmly when I am in the habit of giving thanks in all things (and FOR all things!) Can’t wait to gift this book to a few of the favorite people in my life.

Online Art Timeline

For the Behind the Scenes class we were asked to create an online timeline; I didn’t put in about blogging; started a blog on blogger years ago, but got frustrated when I could never access my page anymore. This was a fun exercise! I am sure I forgot some steps along the way; specifically, create, create, CREATE!

Jumping In…

For a fairly new blogger at WordPress, I find it a funny feeling to type and post to the great unknown. Do these words this just go silently into the void or what? BUT… I am taking a lot of Kim Klassen’s classes, and just started her blog class, and today’s question was WHY? Why do I blog?
Hmmm…. I think it is a way to share a bit of who I am in a non-intimidating way. I have always loved to journal; I started when I was expecting my first child—who will be 33 this year!— yikes… Anyway, this is a great way to share photos, mixed media projects, paintings, whatever direction my creative endeavors take me. And even to share thoughts now and then, depending on how brave I feel. I live in beautiful Sonoma County, CA, and also just started a blog called, SonomaCountySnapshots, where I will post photos from this wonderful area. I am hoping some of my local photographer friends join me there to post as well. So, in a nutshell, that is why I blog- to post into the great web world and to connect with like-minded artistic souls.